Baltic Green Belt Panorama

Panorama is the public project newsletter published by the Baltic Green Belt project. The goal of this newsletter is to frequently inform those involved or interested in the Baltic Green Belt project with relevant information from the project, about Baltic Sea Policies, and from the European Green Belt Community. All news announcements can be furthermore looked up in our news archive.

If you would like to contribute a news announcement to the Baltic Green Belt community or sign up for the newsletter, please contact Stefanie Maack ( We hope that you enjoy this newsletter and will pass it on to colleagues who might be interested as well.

Baltic Green Belt Panorama 7 [English] [German] [Russian] [Latvian]

  • foreword by Prof. Horst Sterr
  • Baltic Green Belt Synthesis Report
  • Action Plan for the Baltic Green Belt
  • Films from the Estonian and Latvian Green Belts
  • News from the European Green Belt: new publication, Pan-European GB Meeting 2012
  • ... and more

Baltic Green Belt Panorama 6 [English] [German] [Russian] [Polish]

  • Baltic Green Belt project outcomes and perspectives
  • European Green Belt in Brussels
  • Strategic Development of the EuGB
  • ... and more


Baltic Green Belt Panorama 5 [English] [German] [Russian] [Polish] [Estonian]

  • Green Belt for parliamentarians
  • Latvian Green Belt wildlife on YouTube
  • Green Belt @ facebook
  • Case study: Heritage at the Estonian Green Belt
  • GreenNet: kick-off & conference announcement
  • ... and more


Baltic Green Belt Panorama 4 [English] [German] [Russian] [Polish] [Latvian]

  • 3rd Baltic Green Belt Forum announcement
  • Green Belt resolution of Stralsund
  • BUND invites you: cycle the Green Belt in August
  • Case study: Sustainable tourism at the Latvian Green Belt
  • new project initiative: MobEE
  • new Interreg project for the Central European Green Belt
  • ... and more


Baltic Green Belt Panorama 3 [English] [German] [Russian]

  • Conference Agriculture & Eutrophication
  • Russian Green Belt: Moving Ecological Conference
  • Bicycle Path in Slitere National Park takes shape
  • Mark the date for Nature Tourism Conference 2011
  • New Baltic Green Belt Website in German online!
  • ... and more


Baltic Green Belt Panorama 2 [English] [German] [Russian]

  • 2nd Baltic Green Belt Forum approaching
  • DVD about Lithuanian Green Belt
  • Nature Webcam at Slitere National Park
  • Baltic Sea Action summit 2010
  • 2nd Resolution of Hof to protect the German Green Belt


Baltic Green Belt Panorama 1 [English]

  • 2nd Baltic Green Belt Forum: Call for contributions
  • New German government officially adopts Green Belt
  • Sustainable animal farming: Polish training exhibition
  • Green Belt & Iron Curtain Trail: common perspectives
  • Military heritage tourism: Latvian data base online


IUCN European Green Belt newsletter 1/2009 [English]

  • Notice board: news from the EuGB
  • A Network Project for the Baltic Sea Coast - Baltic Green Belt project set up
  • Working together for a living & sustainable Baltic Sea Coast - project overview
  • Green Belt in situ - first Baltic Green Belt project activities
  • Editorial - Baltic Green Belt project history



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