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Baltic Green Belt will continue

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Baltic Green Belt becomes 4th region within European Green Belt initiative

During the 6th Pan-European Green Belt Meeting in Mavrovo, Macedonia, the European Green Belt coordination group announced that the Baltic Green Belt has been accepted as the fourth region within the European Green Belt.

"The Green Belt will from now on have four sections: Fennoscandia, Baltic, Central European and Balkan Green Belt", said Gabriel Schwaderer of EURONATUR, who is currently chairing the coordination group during his presentation of the recently revised structure of the European Green Belt.

The Baltic Green Belt includes parts of Russia (Kaliningrad region and part of Leningrad region), Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and part of Germany (Mecklneburg Western-Pomerania region). The Baltic Green Belt will be represented in the Coordination Group by BUND Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (regional coordinator), Asnate Ziemele from the Latvian Association for Rural Tourism "Lauku Celotajs" (NGO representative), and Gregorz Rakowski (Polish National Green Belt Focal Point).

You can get in touch with the Baltic Green Belt regional coordination by contactintg Jörg Schmiedel: